Sustainable Residential Landscape Design

Posted in: Landscaping  February 15, 2011

Sustainable residential landscaping reduces the negative human impacts on the land while promoting and healing natural ecosystems. 

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Hardscaping in Bucks County

Posted in: Landscaping  April 7, 2010

Hardscaping is a fairly new word to the English language; it is the flagstone, bricks, pavers, stone, and other materials that make up the ‘hard' portion of the landscape around your home.  Here in Bucks County, hardscaping is often synonymous with the EP Henry brand of pavers.  While EP Henry is the dominant paver manufacturer in Pennsylvania, other paver brands are also available.  Additionally, there exists a multitude of other materials for your hardscape projects.

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Lawn Grass Alternatives

Posted in: Landscaping  April 3, 2010

Green grass and manicured lawns have become an iconic symbol of the American landscape, both here in Bucks County and across the country.  Although difficult to maintain, the perfect weed-free lawn is something the typical suburban homeowner will spend many hours and dollars to achieve.

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Butterflies in Bucks County Gardens

Posted in: Landscaping  March 13, 2010

Virtually everyone can appreciate a butterfly feeding on the nectar of a summer-blooming flower. Butterflies are often as beautiful as the flowers they seek.   By creating the optimum conditions for butterflies, you will attract a greater number and variety of these beautiful insects to your Bucks County garden

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How to Mulch; A Guide for using Mulch in your Landscape

Posted in: Landscaping  March 5, 2010

Mulching your plants and landscape beds has become a rite of spring here in Bucks County.   Mulch can certainly help your plants to stay healthy, if properly applied.

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